Games I'm Playing

I love games, but having worked on big franchise for a long time, I'm kind of... done with them. Now I mostly play CCGs - both digital and in person -  and try to stay in low level competitive shape. For me, Magic the Gathering and its brethren are among the most interesting, fun, and challenging games ever made - and there's always more to learn. The build/battle structure of the genre, and the ever-evolving meta-game provide the perfect combination of creativity, tactics, and learning.  I'm also a big fan of unique CCGs/game hybrids that try to bring a new twist to the genre - I've linked to the trailers of a few above.

I'm also a huge fan of CCGs on Twitch: streamers like Brian Kibler, NumotTheNummy, and StrifeCro are among my current favorites.

You can find me on as BloodMerid#1373 and on Magic Online as Blood Meridian.