Labyrinth CCG

Labyrinth is an in-development tactical RPG CCG from Free Range Games. Labyrinth combines deck building, tactics, and asynchronous raiding in a full 3d fantasy world. You construct Hero decks for each of your characters - Hero decks contains spells, attacks, and abilities that your hero can use when he or she is on a raid. When you're online you use your heroes to raid other players dungeons, playing your cards and moving your Heroes in a tactical turn based game. With the rewards you earn from raiding, you build a dungeon of your own. You modify your dungeon by constructing a Dungeon deck comprised of minions, spells, traps, and a boss creature. While you're offline, the AI will use your deck to defend your dungeon from other players who attempt to raid it. Log on and watch a replay to see if your Dungeon smashed the heroes that tried to plunder its loot.

Labyrinth will be available in 2016 on iOS, Android, and PC.