Outer Wilds

I'm leading the investment into this awesome game via a new crowdfunding platform called Fig. Fig is a new venture from Justin Bailey (ex DoubleFine COO), Tim Shafer, Brian Fargo, and other great people.

Outer Wilds is being developed here in Los Angeles, by Mobius Digital. It won some big awards at GDC and now the team is looking for funding to finish it. I've met with them and they are a super bright group of passionate devs, most out of USC's Masters program. Here's what I said about the game on Fig:

“Outer Wilds starts out deceptively simple; but once you blast off and leave the atmosphere of your tiny planet, realizing there’s a gorgeously simulated solar system waiting to be explored, you'll be hooked. Add in a meticulously crafted time-looping mystery, and it starts to feel like Zelda Windwaker mashed with Kubrick’s 2001. And that's pretty awesome.”

Check it out and please consider backing it!